While planning your trip to Gabon’s capital make sure to include our Libreville car hire services in your plans as well. Libreville is the country’s largest city and is served by the Libreville Airport called Leon M’Ba Airport.

The best way by far of getting around the city is by car and this is why our Libreville car rental services should be a part of your plan because not only will having your own car allow you to move around the place at your own schedule you can actually start driving from the moment you touch down at the airport. Our representatives can have the car ready and waiting for you there so that you can head towards your destination as quickly as possible.

Once you settle into the city you will notice that the city’s major asset is its seafront where a lot of people, both locals and visitors tend to gather on a daily basis in order to relax by the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The seafront itself offers another type of attraction, Gabonese sculptures – some of which reach twenty feet tall – which look over the beach.

One other point of interest might be the Arboretum de Sybang which is located in Nzeng-ayong, this is a rather huge tree sanctuary inside the capital, grouping together thousands of local species. It is considered a good idea to apply generous amounts of anti-mosquito cream to your skin before entering these woods, otherwise you may regret it.

The atmosphere of the entire city is a very laid back one and the people themselves are rather laid back and tend to not hurry a whole lot. The city doesn’t offer a lot of things to visit so you can take your time to explore and enjoy the particular multicultural vibe of the place because its people are very welcoming and will gladly include you in the real aspects of their city’s life.

With our Libreville car hire services you could take advantage of a rather deserted but nice beach located about thirty minutes drive from the city, only one of the perks of having a car at your disposal.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire