Mykonos Car Hire

Mykonos Car Hire

When you’re planning your next trip to the island of Mykonos make sure you consider our Mykonos car hire services as your means of personal transportation. The island is one of the more popular Greek destination and is known for being a very cosmopolitan destination filled with partying and loud dance clubs.

The island is served by Mykonos Airport which is located at about four kilometers from the island’s main town. You will find taxis at the airport ready to take you there but your best choice by far would be to employ our Mykonos car rental services and have a car waiting for you at the airport so that you can drive yourself towards your destination as soon as you land.

As it was said earlier, the island is considered one of the main travel destinations for partying and this makes it one of the most visited islands in the Aegean. Being such a popular destination makes the island rather crowded in the months of July and August so unless you’re interested in exactly that type of experience then you’ll probably want to schedule your trip for sometime starting with mid-May through June, the place will not only not be very crowded, but it won’t be as hot and the accommodations will be cheaper.

As far as attractions go, this is something that you will not be without, Mykonos Town (Chora) for instance offers quite a few interesting sights such as its windmills. Starting with the 16th century these are the most recognized landmarks of the island, they come from a period in which the island produced large amounts of wheat and bread.

Then there’s Little Venice – Alefkandra -  which is a district of Mykonos Town located at sea well known for its medieval two and three storey houses. These houses stand above the water and feature colorful wooden balconies, this is a very romantic place to watch the sunset from one of the many bars and cafes it features.

In case you’re interested in a little bit of culture you can visit one of the island’s museums like the Archaelological Museum or the Folklore Museum. Both of which will offer an interesting look into the history of the island, whether it’s from the prehistoric to the late Hellenistic in the case of the first one or in terms of old furniture, icons and folk musical instruments and costumes when talking about the latter.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see while in Mykonos, make sure to consider and employ our Mykonos car hire services in order to see these and many more.

Mykonos Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire