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Guam Car Hire

Guam is a tiny island situated in the Pacific Ocean, it is the largest of the Mariana Islands and part of the United States of America. It is a very popular tourist destination to all the countries surrounding it and the best way to see it is with the help of our Guam car hire services.

Being the location of an American military base for decades, Guam benefits from very well developed infrastructure, as such getting around the country by car shouldn’t pose a problem. Our Guam car rental fleet offers a wide variety of options ranging from economy-type cars like the Toyota Yaris or the Ford Focus to somewhat larger vehicles like the Nissan Patrol or Toyota Fortuner.

Your choice of car should depend upon what you will be planning to do in the country. If you plan on staying mostly in urban areas then you might do well to rent a smaller car so as to navigate through the traffic better, on the other hand if you want to explore the island’s more rugged terrain you may want to go for a four by four capable vehicle.
All the cars available in our Guam fleet have up and running air conditioning systems so the heat of the place won’t get to you. Also our basic Guam car hire rates come with a lot of great features like breakdown assistance, car theft and collision damage waivers as well as unlimited mileage and liability insurance. All of these are things that will make the prospect of driving in a foreign country that much less daunting by covering you against most minor mishaps that can occur on the road.

There are also a series of extra features available on demand which might come in very handy, features like installing GPS in your car – which is something that most drivers have gotten accustomed with in recent years – or installing an extra luggage rack or child seats, it all depends on the requirements of your trip.

Our Guam car rental services can be hired from our offices and you can either pick your car up from places like Saipan Island, Tumon or Tinian Island or of course from Guam Airport, Rota Island Airport, Saipan Island Airport or Tinian Island Airport.


Guam Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire