Reykjavik Car Hire

Reykjavik Car Hire

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and largest city, it houses the largest majority of the island’s population and is best navigated with our Reykjavik car hire services. Considering the rather small dimensions of this island country as well as the even smaller inhabited surface area it features, its capital is definitely the cultural center of the country.

Flying into the city will have you landing at Reykjavik Airport or Keflavik Airport as it is also known as. This airport is located thirty miles from the capital in the town of Keflavik as such you will definitely need a way of reaching the capital and the best method of doing this will definitely be by employing our Reykjavik car rental services. With our services you can have your choice of car ready for you at the airport so that you can drive towards your destination as fast as possible and waiting is not something that you will want to do in Iceland’s frigid temperatures.

Even though the city was never built for tourism purposes there are quite a lot of things that one can see  while also experiencing the local vibe and atmosphere in a very authentic manner. The country definitely has a car driving culture, due to the harsh temperatures and long distances between settlements but you can easily walk around Reykjavik and it’s actually recommended as there are some very well maintained sidewalks and pathways and many attractions are within walking distance of the area where hotels can be found.

As far as actual attractions go, the Old Town area is an area that will easily suck up a solid couple of hours looking at the very distinct features of Reykjavik houses. Then there’s The Pearl – Perlan – which offers some great views of the city and features a rotating restaurant at its top. The viewing platform is open to the public so you don’t have to be a customer in order to gain access but the food is great.

The Culture House is a massive museum which houses two world class exhibitions. On the ground floor you can find one of the most important collections of medieval manuscripts in the world while the top floor features a great fully interactive exhibition on the Volcanic island of Surtsey.

For the art enthusiast Reykjavik features a great Museum of Photography which while small has a great library of old books about photography and the Art Museum which is the biggest visual art institution in the country.

All of these and more can be visited with the help of our Reykjavik car hire services.

Reykjavik Car Hire

September 12th, 2014 by Auto Car Hire