Limerick is situated on the banks of the river Shannon which lends its name to the entire surrounding region. Using our Limerick car hire services in order to explore this city of interesting contrasts will increase your enjoyment of the place considerably as you will be able to experience so much more of it and is surroundings with the help of a car.

Limerick is served by Shannon Airport, which is located 25 kilometers away via the N18. This distance makes the option to rent a car in Limerick that much more appealing as the car can be ready for you at the airport, so you can start driving as soon as you touch down.

One of Limerick’s main tourist attractions is King John’s Castle, a great example of Norman architecture built in 1205. Another great building worth your time is St. John’s Cathedral built in 1861 which features the tallest spire in the country at 94 meters (308 feet) tall.

One other feature that most visitors to Limerick will find an interesting pull will be the Limerick Milk Market – open in the weekend only – which despite its name is a hive of activity revolving around selling anything and everything from art and books to clothes and fresh food, it’s a great place to waste a couple of hours just looking around and taking in the local atmosphere.

As far as museums go, the Hunt Museum features a particular collection of exhibits ranging from ancient and medieval artifacts to modern art exhibitions. Another of the city’s attractions is its rugby team and especially its supporters who are known to be the most fanatical but also most respectful in all of sport, one tradition being that the entire stadium is quiet when any player, including opponents, prepare to kick for goal.

If you do choose to hire a car in Limerick you can use the city as a stepping stone for an Ireland road trip. You can reach Dublin, Cork or Waterford with relative ease thanks to the various national routes which connect the cities.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire