PARMA Car Hire

PARMA Car Hire

If you’re planing a trip to Parma make sure to consider our Parma car hire services as your main means of transportation through this city. Despite the fact that Parma is not a large city it does pack a lot of tourist attractions per square mile thanks to its old center.

The city is served by the Parma Airport which connects to the city via bus shuttles but a better option would be to employ our Parma car rental services and have a car of your choice ready and waiting for you in the airport parking lot so that almost as soon as you’ve landed you can start driving towards your destination.

The city has some pretty spectacularly grand churches that you can visit such as the Parma Cathedral and the Baptistery, as well as a couple of theaters and other assorted old architecture.

The Piazza del Duomo features the octagon-shaped Baptistery which is easily noticed thanks to its pink Verona stonework. The building features several turrets as well as sculptures across its four-story height. The building has no less than sixteen arches, each of them being painted with rather detailed and elaborate frescoes and the domed ceiling sports a very interesting umbrella structure. The building of the Baptistery took eighty years to finish and it was don in 1270 so you will be visiting something that  is about eight hundred years old.

The Duomo Cathedral dates to about the same time, actually older dating back to the 11th century. The central dome fresco being truly worth the visit as it is the work of Correggio, one of the city’s most famous citizens.

One other church that you may want to visit while in Parma is the Chiesa della Madonna della Steccata which is said to have been modeled after Saint Peter’s church and was built as a thanks to the Virgin after a victory in the Parma War of 1521. here you will be able to see some great 16th century frescoes painted by none other than the pupil of Correggio, Parmigianino.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see and do while in Parma so make sure to employ our Parma car hire services in order to better explore this town and its surroundings.

PARMA Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire