Kingston Car Hire

Kingston Car Hire

On your next trip to the island nation of Jamaica’s capital make sure to consider our Kingston car hire services. The coastal city is considered to be made up of two parts, downtown and uptown. Kingston isn’t only the country’s largest city but for a while it was in fact its only real city so there’s no wonder that it is the country’s cultural and commercial capital.

The city is served by Norman Manley Airport which is connected to the city via taxis and bus routes but your best choice by far would be to employ our Kingston car rental services and have a car at your disposal for the length of your Jamaican trip.

Once in the city there are quite a few attractions that you may want to visit, for instance the Bob Marley Museum is a must-see place for any real music fan, you don’t have to like reggae in order to appreciate Bob Marley’s influence on music culture as a whole. The museum has loads of memorabilia as well as personal items of the artist. The museum benefits from the fact that it was once Bob’s house as well as his recording studio and it’s a preserved historical site – you can see the bullet holes from the attempted murder.

The National Gallery of Jamaica is a museum which features local artwork from throughout the country’s history starting with the native Taino Indians through the colonial era to modern artists.

Then there’s of course Port Royal, an infamous pirate heaven in the 17th century. The city prospered as pirates got richer, however the city was pretty much destroyed by a strong earthquake which sunk the ships in the harbor, killed many people and also sunk a good part of the city. The walls of Fort Charles have been preserved and the ruins of Fort Rocky remain.

One of the best examples of Jamaican architecture is the Devon House. While most of the interior is not original any more it does uphold the style of 19th century mansions. Its courtyards features craft shops, a couple of restaurants as well as the most famous ice cream shop on the island.

These are only a few of the many sights and attractions that you can see while on your trip to Jamaica’s capital, make sure you employ our Kingston car hire services to see as many of them as possible.

Kingston Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire