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Japan Car Hire

    If you’re a Westerner planning on visiting Japan, then you will need to do a bit of research about the culture there, as it will seem extremely weird if you are not prepared at least a bit. One of the things that you should know from the start is that in Japan space is at a premium, especially in their big cities, thankfully our Japan car rental offices can provide you with a couple of choices in compact cars as well as a couple bigger ones if you’re traveling with more than two or three people.

    Japan being an economic and more importantly technological powerhouse sees a lot of business related visitors, which usually spend their time in one of Japan’s large urban sprawls. Considering the fact that Japan is so different from anything in the West, this is definitely a case where getting the extra option of installing GPS in your car will be a great idea. The Japanese language is extremely difficult to understand to those used with Latin or Germanic based languages, so understanding traffic signs will be impossible if you don’t have a decent grasp of Japanese, hence why a GPS will be crucial to you navigating through the twisting streets of Tokyo and the like.

    Especially if you’re going to be driving through the megalopolis of Tokyo, you will benefit greatly with our Japan car hire services because our basic rates include unlimited mileage, which you will need in case you get lost. But even with the GPS installed you might still have to drive quite a bit to get from A to B and back again.

    You can pick up your Japan car hire vehicle from any main airport the country has to offer, so whether you land in Tokyo Haneda Airport, Tottori Airport or Osaka Kansai Airport, you can drive from there with your rented car.

    Japan features a fascinating culture and tradition which are still alive outside the hyper-modernized mega-cities, you can visit and experience that traditional culture with the help of our Japan car hire services.

Japan Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire