On your next trip to Luxembourg make sure to consider our Luxembourg car hire services whether you visit just the capital or the entire country. The capital of Luxembourg is located in and around a spectacular gorge which cuts through the city creating a very picturesque area. In fact thanks to its valleys and plateaus the city is called the Gibraltar of the North.

Luxembourg is a really small country so all the train and bus routes from around the country will inevitably lead to its capital, so getting in won’t be a problem, plus it is highly likely that you will be staying in Luxembourg in the first place. Regardless of this you can just as well use our Luxembourg car rental services and get around with a car.

The city has many attractions to offer its visitors ranging from its natural scenery to the architecture to a network of underground fortifications called the Casemates Bock.

While the river that crosses through Luxembourg is now very small, it only had to deal with very soft sandstone and thus it was able to cut a huge valley through it giving birth to the area which now is called Ville Basse – Low City, as opposed to the Ville Haute – High City, which is the medieval core of the city.

The Place Guillaume and the Place d’Armes are also two locations that you’ll want to visit, the first one because it is the place where there’s a market every Wednesday and Saturday as well as being the place where a statue of William II of Netherlands and Luxembourg is located as well as  the neo-classical Town Hall.

Slightly off the Place Guillaume you can find the Grand Ducal Palace, this building underwent extensive restoration during the nineties and it now houses the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies.

Another building of note is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame which was built between 1613 and 1618 and nearby you can see the Gelle Fra which is a golden figure of a woman holding a symbol of victory.

These are a few of the attractions that Luxembourg has to offer its visitors, with the aid of our Luxembourg car hire services you will be able to see these and many more as well as explore the city’s surroundings and the rest of the country.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire