Skopje Car Hire

Skopje Car Hire

On your next trip to Macedonia’s capital make sure to consider out Skopje car hire services as a way of allowing you to see more of the city than you would otherwise. The area in and around present day Skopje has been inhabited by many civilizations as evidenced by the Byzantine churches and monasteries located alongside Roman sites and the mosques left by the Ottomans.

Nowadays the city has maintained that multicultural atmosphere while transitioning to the modern era. It is home for about a quarter of the entire country’s population and is definitely the financial and political center of the country.

When you fly into the city you will be landing at Skopje Airport also known as Aleksandar Macedonski Airport. The airport is not connected to the city via any form of public transportation so the only valid option would be to take a taxi unless of course you choose to employ our Skopje car rental services which will have a car ready for you at the airport as soon as you land.

Once you reach the city you may be a bit disconcerted because you’ll only be seeing the gray Soviet-style apartment-buildings but with a little bit of patience you can start discovering the great examples of Ottoman architecture that Skopje has to offer. The large majority of sights actually being located in and around the old bazaar area.

One building that should not be hard to miss is the Kale Fortress, this building overlooks the city being situated on the highest hill in the Skopje valley. This fortress was initially built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian but most of the present day fortifications come from the 10th century and the 13th century.

The Emperor Justinian also built a Stone Bridge which has become the symbol of the city and t still acts as the only link between the old bazaar area and the main square.

The city also offers some good examples of modernist style buildings such as the Parliament Building and the City Hospital.

These are of course only a few of the sights and landmarks that Skopje has to offer, you can see so much more of the city if you employ our Skopje car hire services.

Skopje Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire