Antananarivo Car Hire

Antananarivo Car Hire

If you’re planning a trip to Madagascar’s capital make sure to consider out Antananarivo car hire services. Known as Tana the country’s capital acts as the main entry point for the entire island.

The city is serviced by Ivato Airport which is connected to the city via taxis and bus routes and while most tourists will usually use the taxi you can choose a better option and employ our Antananarivo car rental services and have a car of your choice ready for you at the airport as soon as you land.

You should know that pretty much like any other capital of the world the traffic in Antananarivo tends to be rather heavy especially during the typical rush hour times. This also link directly into the fact that Antananarivo has no real tourist infrastructure to speak of, it’s just a country’s capital but for some people that is exactly what they’re looking for.

The Rova or the Queen’s Palace and the Prime Minister’s Palace are buildings that you might want to visit; the Rova is something that you might want to see however it has been severely damaged by a fire in the late 1990s, only the stone parts of the building remain as well as statues and the rebuilt Chapel. You should be aware that neither these have actual official tours or tour guides however there are freelance or semi-official guides which offer rather comprehensive tours in return for some money of course.

A couple of things that you should be aware of while on your trip to Antananarivo is that you should always drink only bottled water, the tap water is not to be trusted.

Also be aware of the many stray dogs that you will see around the place and be ready to defend yourself in case they show signs of aggression.

As said earlier Antananarivo isn’t a tourist spot, it’s just a country capital but it can as easily be used as a base to explore and discover the surrounding countryside as well as journey to other cities and more tourist friendly areas of the country. The easiest way of doing this will be with the help of our Antananarivo car hire services.

Antananarivo Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire