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Mexico Car Hire

    Mexico is a pretty large country, rich in history, geography and it is also one of the world’s largest economies. Whether you visit because of the weather and beaches or you’re in the country for business purposes our Mexico car rental offices can surely offer you some useful services.

    Depending on where you will be spending most of the time during your Mexico trip, you can choose to get an appropriate car. For instance if you will mostly drive around the main cities you might want to get smaller cars, something like Chevrolet Cobalt or Monza – obviously you can pick larger cars as well like a Chevrolet Impala for instance but in order to get through the Mexico City traffic a smaller car might be better suited.

    Now if you know a bit of Spanish you might be able to navigate your way through the winding streets and roads of Mexico but if that is not the case then you can always opt to have GPS installed in your car for a small extra fee. This will prove to be of extreme help especially if you are going to be driving to various locations through a major city or indeed the country.

    You might want to consider some extra options as well such as an extra luggage rack if you are considering road tripping around Mexico. There are definitely many things to see inside the country, besides the nice coastal cities and beaches, but you will want to be properly prepared for the trip.

    In regards to driving distance, you will be glad to know that our basic Mexico car rental rates include a couple of features, one of which being the fact that you benefit from unlimited mileage with any of our cars. Also our basic rates include breakdown assistance, collision damage and vehicle theft waivers.

    Our Mexico car rental services are available from the moment you touch down at one of the country’s main airports. So whether you land in Mexico City Airport, Monterrey Airport or Guadalajara Airport you will be able to drive your rented car off the airport parking lot.


Mexico Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire