When you’re planning a trip to Nicaragua’s capital make sure to consider our Managua car hire services. Managua is the country’s largest city and the second largest in Central America and acts as a trade and industrial center of the country trading in resources such as coffee, cotton, textiles and other crops.

The city is served by the Managua Airport called Augusto C. Sandino Airport and this is a great place to start your driving experience through the country since our Managua car rental services can have a car ready and waiting for you at the airport as soon as you land.

The driving in Managua is something completely special, well not as much the driving itself but the way in which directions are given. Due to the major earthquakes that have hit the area the street address system is rather inconsistent as such directions are usually given in relation to various landmarks and distances, however a GPS device might help you with that particular problem.

The city offers quite a few things to see and do, one of the main attractions being the Catedral de Managua. These are the ruins of the old cathedral which wasn’t restored as a remembrance of the massive damage caused by a 1972 earthquake which destroyed much of the city.

The Palacio Nacional now acts as a museum which features several exhibits focusing on the indigenous Nahuatl people and their two and a half millenia old stone sculptures. The museum also features popular arts and cultural exhibits as well as well as having a beautiful courtyard garden.

One natural attraction the city has to offer is the Tiscapa Lagoon, this is a fresh water lagoon situated in the crater of a long extinct volcano. At this location you’ll also get to see the landmark silhouette of Augusto Sandino and a couple of military memorials.

Once particularly interesting and unique attraction that the city offers is th Huellas de Acahualinca, these are the footprints of about ten people who walked towards the lake about six thousand years ago. The tracks were preserved due to a volcanic eruption which covered them with four meters of ash. This attraction is located in a rather bad neighborhood so you’d be best suited if you’d have a car to get in and out of it.

These are of course just a few of the things that you can see and do in Nicaragua’s capital so make sure to consider our Managua car hire services as a way of seeing and doing more.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire