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Norway Car Hire

    Norway is a very extreme country, at least when it comes to its weather and geographical makeup. It features huge fjords and many thousands of islands and a very rugged coastline. This is a place that you’d definitely want to experience from the comfort of a good car rented from a Norway car hire company.

    Depending on the goal of your trip, there are certain types of cars that will be better suited to some applications as opposed to others. For instance if you will be spending most of your time in the city then you won’t be needing a lot of extras on your car however snow tires tend to be required by law, so make sure that the Norway car rental office representative you contact can supply you with them as well as with other tips about traveling in their rather frigid country.

    On the other hand if you will be road-tripping throughout the place then you should strongly consider our GPS extra option, as well as some of the others such as a luggage rack or a ski rack if you are planning on a ski trip or just a longer trip. Either way the Norway car hire office you contact  will be able to provide you with everything will need.

    Considering the rugged nature of the country you might think that break down assistance is at a premium but in fact we offer break down assistance as part of our basic rates. No matter what type of car you rent for no matter how long, you will benefit from break down assistance and not only that, unlimited mileage is also a feature included in the basic rates from any car you hire from one of our Norway car rental offices.

    The basic rates also include theft and collision damage waivers, but in a country like Norway it is very improbable that you might need any of them because drivers tend to follow the rules more so than the do in other countries.

Norway Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire