LIMA Car Hire

LIMA Car Hire

On your next trip to Peru’s capital make sure to consider our Lima car hire services. Lima was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro the Spanish conquistador and evolved over the following almost five hundred years into an interesting modern mega-city.

Lima offers a curious mix of modern architecture islands in certain parts of the city, alongside large but rather orderly slims with Colonial architecture at its center. Considering the fact that Lima was the headquarters of the Spanish rule of the area for about three hundred years wonderful churches, cloisters and monasteries are pretty much a given.

The city is served by the Jorge Chavez Airport which is well connected to most South American cities and located in the harbor city of Callao actually but this is within the range of metropolitan Lima.

You can get from the airport to the city via the usual taxis and bus routes but your best choice by far would be to drive in comfort and style with the help of our Lima car rental services which can have a car of your choice ready to take you wherever around the city or the country that you may want.

The city of Lima is a great place where you can experience the uniquely varied Peruvian cuisine because it gets its ingredients from the coast, the mountains as well as the Amazonian regions; seafood is especially tasty and not expensive.

Once you find yourself in the city there a couple of sights that you will definitely want to visit, such as the rather hard to miss Plaza de Armas located in the center of the city. This is where the city was founded and is now dominated by the Government Palace where you can watch the changing of the guard at 11:45 each morning.

On the east side of the square you can visit the Cathedral whose construction began in 1564 and was completed barely in 1622 only for it to be destroyed in 1746 by an earthquake and then rebuilt in 1755.

The Torre Tagle Palace is a superbly well maintained mansion which offers the best example of Colonial architecture in the city, it was built in 1735 and is now the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, even though visiting it isn’t an option the building does have a very beautiful facade.

These are of course only a couple of the sights that Lima has to offer, in order to see these and many more you can consider employing our Lima car hire services and have a car at your disposal.

LIMA Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire