On your next trip to the Philippines capital make sure to consider our Manila car hire services. Manila can be many things to many people, to some it’s an Asian capital resembling a Spanish-style influenced city due to its religious buildings and the fact that it was administered by Spain for over three centuries, while to others it’s a bustling and crowded metropolis with all the pollutions that comes with that.

As opposed to most other capitals in the world, Manila is not served by any nearby airports in stead taxis, bus routes, trains and boats connect it to the rest of the archipelago. One of the best ways of getting around the city and the archipelago of the Philippines as a whole is with the help of our Manila car rental services which will allow you to drive for as long as you want wherever you want inside the country’s borders.

Once you reach the city you will see that most of the main tourist attractions are located along Manila bay, for instance the Baywalk.

The Baywalk is a linear park which runs along the Manila Bay, it has been recently renovated and the restaurants that used to be all over the place have been moved inwards in order to allow visitors to see the city’s legendary sunsets better.

The Bonifacio Shrine was built to honor Andres Bonifacio one of the Filipinos who fought and struggled for his country’s independence.

Considering its geographical location it should come as no surprise that Manila has one of the largest Chinatowns in the world which comes with all the exotic Chinese goods and cuisine that you can and cannot imagine.

The Intramuros area at the northern end of the Bay refers to the old walled Spanish settlement. This area of the city is what would normally be called the “old city”, it’s where you will find some of the city’s most interesting museums, ruins and churches including the most important church in the country, the Manila Cathedral.

Of course these are only a  few of the things that you can see on your trip to the Philippine’s capital but with the help of our Manila car hire services you can see these and many more.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire