Krakow is one of Poland’s oldest cities, currently it is its second largest as well and best experienced with the help of our Krakow car hire services. This city has seen a lot of history and it definitely has the sights to prove it; it is in fact Poland’s most popular tourist destination so this will pretty much ensure that you will not grow bored while visiting.

When you fly into the city, you will land at Krakow Airport also known as John Paul II Airport which is located twelve kilometers from the city’s center. The airport is connected to the city via train and bus routes but the best choice when it comes to your personal transportation you should consider our Krakow car rental services.

Once you reach the city you should not bother with driving in the city center as the traffic is rather chaotic and you will have to be accustomed to Polish driving on the other hand with the aid of a GPS system you should be able to circumvent having to drive through the center.

The main tourist focus of the city is the Old Town, this is the area where sights such as Wawel Castle  and the Sukiennice – Cloth Hall – can be found.

Wawel Castle is considered to be amongst the most beautiful castles in Central Europe while the Sukiennice has been standing since the early 14th century when it was built as a trading hall, it is now a museum.

The Town Hall Tower used to be part of a Gothic-Renaissance building from the 13th century, only the Tower survived which now houses a museum and offers a nice view of the city. The city also features a rather large number of squares, palaces and churches that could easily fill up several days worth of visits, it will depend on how much time you will spend in the country as well as what your particular interests are.

Just like any other great tourist destination the city of Krakow also has a great deal of museums and galleries that one can visit that much easier with the help of our Krakow car hire services.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire