Warsaw is Poland’s largest city as well as its capital so make sure to use our Warsaw car hire services on your next visit there as a way of enhancing your trip.

Getting into the city by plane will mean that you will be landing at Warsaw Airport which is located about ten kilometers south of the city center and connected to the city via bus routes, taxis, trains and of course roadways. While some hotels will offer shuttles or send taxis to pick you up from the airport, the best method of starting your trip in Warsaw is to employ our car rental services and simply have the car read for you at the airport as soon as you touch down.

Once you reach the city, Warsaw’s central area, or the Centrum, will be the most popular with tourists as this is where the majority of the main attractions reside as well as the fact that most hotels will be located in this general area as well.

The Centrum is made up from a combination of industrial areas and residential neighbourhoods. This is the general area where you can see the Palace of Culture and Science; this is a huge complex built in the 1950s which now hosts two movie theaters, a museum, a restaurant, a concert hall and two universities within its walls. It also features an observation deck which will give you some great panoramic views of Warsaw.

Alongside this rather gigantic building complex you could also visit the Parliament building, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Royal Castle or if religious buildings are more of your interest you can see St. John’s Cathedral, the Jesuit Church or the Nozyk Synagogue.

The Centrum area also features a large array of museums and galleries as well as a couple of lovely parks.

Even though most of Warsaw’s attractions are relatively nearby, the advantages of car rental in Warsaw cannot be underestimated as the amount of freedom this offers allows you to see the place on your own schedule.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire