Monte Gordo Car Hire

Monte Gordo Car Hire

When you’re planning your next trip to Monte Gordo make sure to also consider our Monte Gordo car hire services into your budget as you will surely benefit from having a car at your disposal. Monte Gordo is a rather large town featuring several high-rise hotels and apartment blocks as well as wide streets which even though might seem strange in the context of the Algarve region won’t detract from the beauty of the place because the entire place is very well planned.

The overall landscape in and around Monte Gordo is rather flat and that is due to the fact that this settlement is located at the very end of the Algarve region and this is where the coast becomes flat and ideal for walking and cycling.

The main road that passes through the city acts as something of a dividing line between the beach and the promenade and the rest of town, so getting from place to place shouldn’t be hard at all, especially if you’ve employed the services of our Monte Gordo car rental office.

Once you find yourself in town you may want to park your car in one of the free spaces arranged along the beach front and visit the place on foot as you’ll find a large number of places where you can eat and drink and you’ll want to try out as many of them as possible.

If and when you’re tired of the great beaches in Monte Gordo you can hop in your car and start exploring the city and its surroundings better starting with Cacela Velha. This is a very small and typical village built around a church and a fort located on the waterfront west of Monte Gordo. While there is nothing much to see inside the village itself the views are extremely beautiful but you will find a couple of restaurants in case you want to linger and soak up the quiet life of the still small Algarvian village.

Another interesting nearby place to visit is Castro Marim which has the remains of a castle on a hill and a fort on another, both of which act as reminders of a time when the Algarve was a much less peaceful place to behold.

These things and many more you can really only enjoy with the help of our Monte Gordo car hire services so make sure to consider employing them while on your trip.

Monte Gordo Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire