Porto Car Hire

Porto Car Hire

Porto, or Oporto as it is commonly known,  is one of Portugal’s largest cities, its second largest actually which means that our Porto car hire services will come in handy once you’re there. It is an industrial and commercial center numbering around 240,000 inhabitants but it is also a very popular tourist attraction that the country has to offer.

Porto is an ancient port city, filled with historic buildings and great atmosphere thanks to its monuments like the Dona Maria Bridge or Casa da Musica.

One place that many people choose to start their Porto visit with is the Ribeira, meaning the part of the city which is closest to the river. The Ribeira includes the World Heritage area as well as the Port wine cellars in the Villa Nova de Gaia.

- The World Heritage protected area comprises of medieval buildings surrounded by a 14th     century Romanesque wall. This area features old buildings, cobbled streets and public areas.

- The Port wine cellars are located in an amphitheater -shaped slope

You will most probably get to Porto via airplane and touch down at Sa Carneiro Airport, which is more better known as Oporto Airport, and once you are there you have access to many transport options but the best thing that you could do for your Portugal trip would be to consider our Porto car hire services.

Having a car at your disposal at all times will mean that you can visit the city and its surroundings on your schedule and it also means that you can visit many more places than you might otherwise because you can get from A to B considerably faster when you hire a car in Porto.

A word of caution though, Porto is a very busy place and the traffic can be rather chaotic, some might even describe it as intense on occasion, especially during the rush hours, so keep this in mind if you plan on driving while there.

Even though Porto doesn’t feature many of the things that most tourists would associate with Portugal, such as sandy beaches and lagoons, it is still a very popular destination especially during the holiday seasons. So if u plan on visiting the city during those busy months, it would be better if you would book a car with us as early as possible.

By booking early we will be able to ensure that you get the exact type of car that you need and not only this but you may also get your car at a lower price than if you were to hire the same car for your Porto trip but closer to the holiday season.

Porto Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire