Puerto Rico Car HirePuerto Rico Car Hire

Puerto Rico Car Hire

    Puerto Rico might not be a very large place but that is even more so a great reason to consider our  Puerto Rico car rental services as they will allow you to see more of the place in a shorter space of time.

    Despite the island’s relative small surface area, our car fleet offers a lot of choice, you options varying from small cars like the Ford Focus or Toyota Yaris to bigger or more exotic cars like a BMW 3 Series or Ford Escape. Your choice of car should depend on what you plan to do on your trip. For instance if you’re considering a trip through Puerto Rico’s mountain range, then getting yourself a four by four would be considered a good idea.

    If you’re worried about any possible damage that might occur while on your trip, you should know that our basic Puerto Rico car rental rates include a variety of great features, one of which being unlimited mileage. That’s right, this means that regardless of how much you drive, you will not be charged anything extra. Another included feature is the breakdown assistance, so even if something happens to your car you can rest assured that you are covered.

    You are also covered in case of a minor accident as well as car theft thanks to our collision damage and car theft waivers. On a related note if you wish to be completely covered in case of any type of accident you can choose one of our optional extras which will absolve you of any extra charges that might not be covered by the basic waiver.

    Being that the size of the place isn’t extremely big, it is quite possible that you will be starting your trip in one place such as San Juan Airport for instance, and ending it in another like Ponce. Hiring a car from our Puerto Rico car rental offices should not hinder this type of plan one bit, as you can drop off your car at any of our partners’ offices so make sure you check out all the location where you can drop off the car once you’re done with it.

Puerto Rico Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire