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Qatar Car Hire

Thanks to its large oil and natural gas reserves, Qatar is one of the richest places on the globe. If you find yourself visiting the place anytime soon make sure to consider our Qatar car hire services as they will help you get to where you are going.

Thanks to its reliance on the oil export industry, the gas in Qatar is very cheap and this coupled with the diminutive size of the country means that the road infrastructure is extremely well developed, with only a very small fraction of the total road surface not being paved if any at all, thus driving from place to place should not be a problem.

Our available Qatar car rental fleet spans the range from small cars like the Toyota Yaris and Ford Focus, well suited to urban driving to larger and more powerful cars like the Toyota Landcruiser or a Nissan Patrol, it all depends on what your reason for visiting the country is.

Whether you choose to rent a small car or a larger one will not influence the type of features that you will benefit from with our Qatar car hire services. You will benefit from unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance as well as collision damage and car theft waivers. All of these features are included in our basic rates alongside liability insurance, so that you can be covered from any mishap that might happen while you drive in a foreign country.

We also offer a series of extra options meant to make your trip that much easier, such as GPS for instance to help you navigate your way to your destination. Other options will have an extra luggage rack installed on your car or child seats, it depends on the various particularities of your trip.

You will most likely enter the country via Doha Airport and if you want to start driving from there you have that option with our Qatar car hire services. Our representative will wait for you with the keys to your car and once all the relevant paperwork is done with you can start driving towards your destination.


Qatar Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire