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Romania Car Hire

    Romania could be considered the quintessential European country to visit. It features many stunning and varied landscapes as well as a very rich medieval history. The country is also rather large featuring mountain chains, hills, plains, the Danube delta and a rather popular opening to the Black Sea. There are many things to see and experience and by far the best way to do it is with our Romania car hire services.

    Due to a lack of investment and hard economic times following the post-communist era, Romania’s infrastructure is still playing catch-up with that of Central and Western Europe hence why public transportation and inter-city trains aren’t exactly the best ways to get around the country. The main international roads have started being upgraded to European standards but that process will take a while to complete, thankfully our Romania car rental basic rates come with breakdown assistance and insurance liability as well as car theft and collision damage waivers, so in case you do get into trouble you can be protected.

    Our choice in cars from our Romania car hire offices is rather varied, and depending on where you will be driving you can choose from smaller economic cars to larger ones, including four-wheel drive models if you plan to take on the Romanian rough roads.

    Romania features some well known ski resorts in Poiana Brasov and Valea Prahovei which are always packed during the winter season, for those ski enthusiasts out there our Romania car hire offices can offer extra options including snow chains and ski racks.

    Most of the country’s tourism is focused on its unique landscapes and geographical monuments, such as the Danube Delta for instance or the Black Sea seaside, but rural tourism is growing steadily being focused more on folklore and traditions.

    Romania is constantly developing from an economic point of view, as such you might be required to visit the country from a business perspective, in this case especially hiring a car from one of our Romania car hire offices will prove to be very helpful.

Romania Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire