Bucharest Car Hire

Bucharest Car Hire

If you plan on visiting Bucharest you should definitely consider our Bucharest car hire services so that you can get around the place as fast as possible. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and its largest city.

The city usually acts as the entry point into the country for many people because the Bucharest Airport Henri Otopeni is the largest in the country. It is located eighteen kilometers away from the city center and is connected to the capital via a train line, bus routes and of course taxis.

At the beginning of the 20th century Bucharest was one of the most attractive major cities in Europe, heavily influenced by French architecture, language and fashion, it garnered the title of “Little Paris” for a while. That is not the case any longer, due to the destructive nature of the communist regime today’s Bucharest has become a particular mix of old and new, a place where you can find three hundred year old church next to a modern steel and glass building which itself is near a gray communist style monolith.

The city has been undergoing constant modernization programs and these are scheduled to continue for years to come in order to somewhat try to mend the destruction that the “old city” went through during Ceausescu’s reign but even so there are quite a few landmarks and sights to see in this European capital.

The Parliament Palace for instance, which used to be known as the People’s House – Casa Poporului – is the world’s second larges building, second only to the Pentagon. A considerable part of the city was rebuilt in order to accommodate this gargantuan building and a large part of the old center was destroyed in order for it to be erected.

Thankfully there still remains a part of the city’s historical where the bulldozers did not reach. The “Old center” contains several middle 19th century buildings, churches, the ruins of medieval courts and narrow cobblestoned streets which still retain the names of the trade guilds that used to reside on each of them. It is unfortunate that the area has only recently begun a rehabilitation project which is set to finish sometime after 2012.

Driving through Bucharest can be considered something of a blood sport, not that it is impossible but you do need to be constantly on your toes and avoid going towards the central and main roadways during rush hour, otherwise our Bucharest car rental should have you covered.

Bucharest Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire