Russian Federation Car HireRussian Federation Car Hire

Russian Federation Car Hire

    Russia or the Russian Federation is the largest country on the globe, it is also a mostly rugged country and getting around might prove to be a bit of a challenge due to the sheer distances involved. The distances are only one of the reasons why our Russia car hire services will make your Russian trip that much easier to undertake.

    As you might expect, considering the sheer size of the country, our Russia car rental fleet is as diverse as the country is, ranging from small cars like the Volkswagen Golf and Peugeot 207, ideal for urban driving especially in the European part of the country to larger more hardy cars like the Toyota Rav4 or BMW X5, capable of navigating the longer and more rugged roads of the Asian part of the country.

    Considering the sheer size of the country and the equally large amount of historic events that have happened within its borders and which it has influenced, it should come as no small surprise that Russia is a very popular tourist destination. Whether you are interested in one of its many geographical sights, like the mountains, the warm coast of the Black Sea or the icy coast of the North, or you want to visit one or several of its major cities to visit museums and castles and such, our Russia car hire services will prove to be a great boon because we offer unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance as part of our basic rates.

    And these features couldn’t come more in handy than the do in the case of Russia considering the large distances that you might have to drive in order to see a particular sight.

    Now taking into account the size of the country and the fact that you might not be familiar with the Russian language, you might want to consider our extra option of having GPS installed in your car to help you get safely to where you are going, similarly there are other extra options you can opt for which you can read about on our site.

    You can pick up the car you rent from our Russia car hire offices at any of the two Moscow airports, Domodedovo Airport or Sheremeyevo Airport as well as St. Petersburg Airport, and start driving through the large Russian spaces.

Russian Federation Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire