Bratislava Car Hire

Bratislava Car Hire

The next time you plan on visiting Slovakia’s capital make sure to consider our Bratislava car hire services in order to make your trip a much better one. Bratislava is the country’s largest city and the cultural, administrative and economic center of the center. The city has a medieval old center, an overlooking castle and many historic buildings, it is a great example of an European capital.

If you fly into the country then you will be landing at Bratislava Airport which is only about fifteen minutes away from th city center, a distance that you can best travel with the help of our Bratislava car rental services. By employing our services we can have your choice of car ready for you at the airport at an hour you specify so that you can jump behind the wheel as soon as you land.

Once you make your way into the city you can start visiting the various sights that Bratislava has to offer like St. Martin’s Cathedral for instance. This is the largest church in the city and also one of the oldest. It is built in the Gothic style and has seen the coronation of several Hungarian kings.

Depending on when you get there you might find the Bratislava castle to still be undergoing renovations, either way whether you get to visit it or just hang around the outside it is still an interesting thing to see.

The New Bridge over the Danube features a flying-saucer shaped structure which in itself houses a restaurant called “UFO”. There is an observation deck on its roof from which you can see the surroundings.

The best place to see Bratislava from however is called Slavin and it’s on top of the hill which lies behind the castle. Here you will find a monument in memory of the Soviet casualties but this is also the highest place in the city and as such by far the best place for seeing the entire city.

The Presidential Palace is a bit of a change from most of the architecture as it is a Rococo and late Baroque style summer palace which features a French garden. One of the garden alleys has trees planted by famous individuals like Juan Carlos I the King of Spain and many more.

Of course these are only a few of the attractions that Slovakia’s capital has to offer its visitors and in order to see as many of them as possible you will do well to consider our Bratislava car hire services.

Bratislava Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire