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South Korea Car Hire

    South Korea is a very urbanized place, as such using the services of our South Korea car rental offices will provide you with many advantages since roads are aplenty.

    Near Japan both in geographical location as well as technology penetration, South Korea retains that unique aspect which all Asian countries have – at least when a Westerner visits them. Everything and anything is concentrated in South Korea in its few large cities.

    Regardless of the reason behind your visit, whether you are interested in the place’s culture, technology or you’re there for business reasons, hiring our South Korea car rental services will prove to be a great boon for you.

    Our South Korea car hire fleet includes many types of cars, so whether you prefer to drive a small Ford Focus or a Nissan Maxima, or even if you need a minivan, you can find something that suits your needs from one of our offices.

    Whether you choose to go for something smaller or something bigger depends wholly on your goals for your trip, however what doesn’t depend on your choice of car are the basic features included in our base rates. Things like unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance, these are very important things to have especially when driving in a foreign country. Those aren’t the only thing included in our base South Korea car hire rates, collision damage and vehicle theft waivers are included as well.

    One thing that you might have to consider when visiting a foreign country, and maybe an Asian one in particular is that understanding their traffic signs might prove a bit difficult due to their unique alphabet. This is why you should consider opting for our GPS extra option in order to ensure that you reach your destination.

     You can pick up your car from any of the South Korea airports, whether you land in Seoul Airport, Sacheon Airport or Busan Airport, your car will be there waiting for you to start driving towards your destination. You should also ask the car rental agent about any local driving specifics which you should know or to confirm or create a travel plan so that you can reach your destination in the fastest time possible.

South Korea Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire