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Spain Car Hire

Spain is amongst the most visited countries in the world, thanks to its climate, as well as historical and cultural importance tourism is one of the main sources of income and stability for the country. It is also a rather large and varied country, which means that you can only see or visit so much if you’re stuck in one place, so this is the reason for considering the services of our Spain car hire offices.

The choices of cars you will get from our Spain car rental offices is as varied as the country you are visiting, pretty much anything and everything from mini and compact cars, to more beefy SUVs, minivans or exotic cars.

All of the cars we offer from our Spain car hire offices come with liability insurance, unlimited mileage as well as breakdown assistance, all of these being part of our basic rates. But this is not all, also included in the basic rate are waivers for collision damage and vehicle theft, as well as all the relevant taxes being up to date.

In case you need more than those we also offer a series of optional extras such as GPS or a luggage rack if you need them. You should seriously consider the GPS system so that you don’t risk getting lost, whether you plan on visiting Mallorca or Jerez, it might come in handy. Similarly if you’re traveling with children you can get infant child or toddler seats installed in the car. No matter your requirements you can rest assured that our Spain car rental offices will be able to help you in the shortest of times.

You can pick up your car from any major Spain airport such as Madrid airport, Malaga airport, Barcelona airport or Alicante airport – rest assured that the airport fee will be paid, nothing for you to worry about.

That is the best way of summarizing using our Spain car rental services, we take care of all the various details and all you have to do is enjoy your stay and drive to your heart’s content.

Spain Car Hire

September 12th, 2014 by Auto Car Hire