Denia Car Hire

Denia Car Hire

On your next trip to the small tourist town of Denia make sure to consider our Denia car hire services so that you can thoroughly explore this tiny town and its surroundings. While it is tiny during the off-season months, Denia is a rather popular tourist town so its population more than doubles during the summer months.

The town is reachable by train, road and boat, the train option being particularly interesting to consider since it’s a two and a half hour trip from nearby Alicante and it is mostly along the coast, so it’s a great opportunity for some sightseeing. Of course you could employ either our Denia car rental or Alicante car rental services and drive from one place to another.

Denia is a rather successful tourist town thanks to its splendid beaches. It has about twenty kilometers of coastline divided into sandy, harbor and rocky beaches, so there is something for everybody. When you’re visiting with children especially you’ll want to consider the sandy beach which can be found in the northern part but if you’re more interested in say, diving, you will find the rocky beach to be more appealing.

The town also has a rather long history the area having been settled since before Roman times and signs of this heritage can be seen all throughout town thanks to the many ruins. It has a castle which still has a part of its main wall standing; the castle was built in the 11th and 12th century. Inside its premises you will find the Palau del Gobernador and its museum. and there are some rather old windmills which will give you a great view of the area.

As far as shopping opportunities go, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the many options alongside the main road, Calle de Marques de Campo. This is where you’ll find many shops as well as plenty of bars and restaurants and make sure to try some of the excellent cakes and sweets crafted in the local bakery and confectionery shops.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see and do while on your trip so make sure to consider our Denia car hire services while on your holiday in order to better enjoy your time there.

Denia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire