Ibiza Airport Car Hire

Ibiza Airport Car Hire

On your next trip to the island of Ibiza make sure to consider our Ibiza car hire services so that you can enjoy more of what the place has to offer when you’re on a break for the constant partying that tends to take place there. It’s true that the place is well known for its beaches, nightclubs and all-around party atmosphere but there are many more things to be seen and done on this Balearic island.

You can get there by air or boat but if you get there by air you can employ our Ibiza car rental services and have a car ready for you at the Ibiza Airport so that almost as soon as you land you can start driving towards your destination.

Some of the tourist attractions that are of particular note are the Cova d’es Culleram and its rather interesting history, the many shops and restaurants which line the Paseo Vara de Rey, a small bunch of houses which make up the Pablado de Balafia village or the Es Vedra Rock.

The Cova d’es Culleram was re-discovered in 1907, in ancient times having been used as the temple to the goddess Tanoit. The cave housed many treasures which are now exhibited in the Museu Arquelogic at Dalt Vila.

The paseo Vara de Rey is a popular tourist hot-spot, especially in the evenings. The street itself is an important landmark but its popularity stems from the fact that it is lined with a plethora of shops and restaurants and it’s just a very lively area where people tend to hang out a lot.

Es Vedra Rock is basically a huge rock situated off the western coast of the island, it is now a nature reserve and is one of the symbols of Ibiza due to how spectacular it looks at sunset.

These are of course only a few of the many more things that you can see and do while on the island of Ibiza so make sure to consider our Ibiza car hire services so that you can actually be able to see and do those things on your own time.

Ibiza Airport Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire