Jerez Car Hire

Jerez Car Hire

Jerez is one of the up and coming tourist destinations that Spain’s Andalusia region has to offer, one best seen with the help of our Jerez car hire services. Up until relatively recently the city focused its economy mainly on its world renown wine and sherry industry, but in recent decades it has invested successfully into promoting its touristic potential.

As many of the other main Southern cities of Spain, Jerez has been inhabited for a long time with sights from the Moorish period being one of the main historical attractions to the place. Jerez has a Moorish fortress which doubled as a palace which was built in the 10th century. It is a great feat of Moorish engineering featuring Arab baths, gardens with fountains, a couple of towers, cloistered patios and many other features which make this place a great place to visit and soak in the history behind it.

Portions of the old city walls still survive as well and can be seen in Calle Ancha, Calle Muro and Calle Porvera.

The city has a large number of palaces built in wildly different periods and architectural styles, from the Palacio Pemartin built in the 15th century to Palacio de Bertemati a Baroque-influenced building built in the 18th century, with many more in between.

Jerez is also the home of great wines and especially sherry, as well as flamenco and horses. This makes Jerez the focal point of some great festivals and fairs, such as the Horse Fair or the Festival Flamenco de Jerez, just to name a few of the many events that you could plan your trip around.

The city is served by Jerez Airport, so you will most probably touch down there unless you are driving from a different city. Regardless of the method, once you do reach Jerez, the best way of getting around the city and seeing as much as possible is with the help of our Jerez car hire services. City’s public transport system is still lacking since it hasn’t been dealing with large amounts of tourists for a long time, and as such the best way of getting to your destinations is with your own car.

It should be mentioned however, that in order to make sure that you will actually have the car that you want during your trip, you should book well in advance because that is the only way in which we can guarantee the car, especially if you plan to visit during the busy holiday seasons.

Jerez Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire