Malaga Car Hire

Malaga Car Hire

Our Malaga car hire services will make visiting the city an extremely pleasant experience. Malaga is situated in the south of Spain in the region known as Andalusia. It is the most populated and southern large city in Europe and benefits from a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate which allows it to have average winter temperatures of 17 degrees Celsius during the day. This alone would make the city a great place to visit regardless of season but that is not all.

The city has been around for many centuries and it has seen a lot of events. Evidence of its rich history can be seen all around it as evidenced by the Moorish castles built on its high ground, however this is also the birth place of Pablo Picasso and as such you can also visit the Picasso Museum or if art isn’t exactly your thing you can visit the local Botanical Garden, these being just a few of the things that you can see while on a trip there.

If you’re a rock climbing enthusiast then Malaga is definitely the spot for you since there is lots of that to go around at relatively short distances from the city.

The city is served by Malaga Airport, and even though it has many public transportation options available, if you are new to the place you might find them somewhat confusing so you will definitely benefit more from employing our Malaga car hire services.

The fleet of cars that we have available from our Spanish partners spans the range of cars from small to standard to large, exotic and minivans. So basically it doesn’t matter what the requirements of your particular trip are, our offices in Malaga can surely satisfy them.

One important thing that you have to keep in mind when you’re considering renting a car for your Malaga trip is that it would be a good idea to book well in advance of your trip. In fact the earlier you book your car the better it will be for you, as this will practically ensure that you will get the car you need for your trip, this is especially true for the busy holiday seasons. The issue of the availability of cars is not the only thing that you will avoid by booking early, you may also avoid the higher prices which are present during the holiday seasons.


Malaga Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire