Orebro Airport Car Hire

Orebro Airport Car Hire

On your next trip to the city of Orebro make sure to consider our Orebro car hire services for your personal transportation needs. The city is located in the center of of the country, about halfway between Stockholm and Gothenborg. The Orebro region as a whole is a great starting point to experiencing everything that Scandinavia has to offer.

While it’s not amongst the largest cities in the country, Orebro does have an airport and is a very attractive city.

The city features a very well preserved old area along the Svartan, or the quiet river, but it also sports new architecture and business streets with all the pubs and cafés that go with them.

The magnificent Orebro Castle, which is probably the country’s most photographed castle, is located on an islet in the Svartan and acts as something of a dividing line between the town’s northern and southern parts.

Within walking distance of the town centre you’ll find that the wonderful seashore scenery of the lake Hjalmaren is waiting for you.

In Orebro’s main square – Stortorget – stands Saint Nicholas’ Church built in the 18th century which houses the tomb of a legendary national hero and opposite the church you can see a bronze statue of him in front of the neo-Gothic town hall.

About ten miles south of Orebro you can find Mosjo church. This is a medieval church which has survived basically in its initial form and now contains a reproduction of the 12th century Mosjo Madonna. This wood figure represents the Virgin Mary in the costume of a Nordic goddess and is considered to be one of the oldest representations of the Virgin in Scandinavia. To the east of the church you can see a number of medieval tombs as well as a “judgment ring”.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see while in Orebro and you can see these and many more with the help of our Orebro car hire services.

Orebro Airport Car Hire

September 4th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire