Donetsk Car Hire

Donetsk Car Hire

If you plan a trip to the Ukrainian city of Donetsk make sure that you consider our Donetsk car hire services for your personal transportation needs. The city is the fourth largest in the country with a population close to a million people and is one Ukraine’s important industrial, scientific and cultural centers.

The city is served by the Donetsk Airport but you can of course enter the city via other means as well such as by train or car. However if you do touch down at Donetsk Airport you can have our Donetsk car rental services have a car of your choice ready for you right there and then so that you can start driving towards your destination as quickly as possible.

Donetsk is by definition an industrial city but without the reputation of one as far as pollution goes so you might be surprise of how green it actually is, relatively speaking of course. The city is a cultural center of the country in its own right being home to dozens of museums a planetarium, a circus, a philharmonic hall and three theaters.

In fact one of the things that you’ll want to see while in the city are some of its great parks such as Sheffield Park which is a very beautiful park located riverside. Another park that you will definitely find interesting is the Forged Figures park. This is a public park dedicated to handcrafted wrought iron works and as far as we know there is no other park like it in the world, featuring a large number of iron statues.

The city has a great attraction for train enthusiasts, it’s Train Museum features twenty five old units of train cars the oldest one of them being from 1898. The museum features two hundred more exhibits related to trains ranging from documents and awards, to railway tools and equipment.

These are of course only a few of the attractions that the city has to offer, in order to see more of them make sure to consider our Donetsk car hire services.

Donetsk Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire