LEEDS Car Hire

LEEDS Car Hire

On your next trip to Leeds make sure to consider employing our Leeds car hire services as your main means of transportation through the largest city in Yorkshire. The city of Leeds started its life by being a market town which then evolved into an important industrial city and then developed into a service-based city with modern architecture and a vibrant nightlife.

The city is served by the Leeds Airport which is located at about ten miles from the city’s center. There is a regular bus services which makes the trip into the city and of course there are plenty of taxis to choose from however you best choice by far would be to employ our Leeds car rental services and have a car of your choice ready for you at the airport at an hour you dictate. This means that you could start driving towards your destination almost as soon as you land.

Once you’re in the city itself you’ll find it to be a very attractive one indeed thanks to its mix of Georgian and Victorian architecture alongside modern 20th and 21st century styles. You will definitely have what to do thanks to the large number of museums, restaurants and other attractions and sights to be seen.

There are many things to see in the city, starting with the Millennium Square where there’s always something happening and where you can see plenty of example of civic architecture and then heading out to see the Town Hall which is the city’s symbol; the Headrow is one of the best looking Victorian buildings in the world and home to a large number of events such as concerts, especially during the city’s International Concert Season.

The Victoria Quarter is one of Europe’s most elegant shopping locations having been built in the Victorian era to cater to the increasingly affluent classes of Leeds; nowadays the County Arcades as they are known as are home to some of the most exclusive shops in the country.

These are only a few of the many things that you can see and do while in Leeds so make sure to consider employing our Leeds car hire services in order to enjoy your trip and everything that this city has to offer.

LEEDS Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire