Brooklyn Car Hire

Brooklyn Car Hire

When you’re planning a trip to Brooklyn make sure to also count our Brooklyn car hire services as part of your budget as you will surely need some form of transportation through this borough. While this is the second-largest borough as far as size goes, it is the most populous of the five that make up New York City and it feels like it is a city in its own right, in part due to its size and in part due to the fact that it used to actually be a city.

You can gen into Brooklyn through a variety of subway lines, bus routes, car and of course the ferry service, regardless of how you get in though, once in you can make use of our Brooklyn car rental services as your main means of transportation through this borough.

Brooklyn is divided into several districts, each of them with a particular characteristic, for instance Downtown is where you’ll find most of the tourist attractions in Brooklyn with its majestic buildings, the Brooklyn Bridge and a unique view of the Manhattan skyline.

Red Hook used to be known for its rather high crime rate, however recently is has become very populated by artists and the nearby Gowanus and Carroll Gardens offer an interesting look into Brooklyn’s industrial history.

Prospect Park is where you’ll find the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanical Gardens, pretty brownstone houses and much more.

Greenwood and New Utrecht feature the big attraction of the historic Green-Wood cemetery, one of the largest in New York and the resting place of many notable people. Other attractions in this district include New York’s third Chinatown and an Italian area in the west of Brooklyn.

Bedford-Stuyvesant and Flatbush are home to the city’s largest African-American neighborhood, including many West Indian immigrants as well as an important Orthodox Jewish community. This is where you’ll find a lot of classic Brooklyn history as well as beautiful Victorian homes.

Coney Island and Brighton Beach is home to the well-known Coney Island amusement parks however due to conflicts between the locals and city government many of them have been closed. This district is also the home to New York’s only aquarium as well as to one of the largest Russian-speaking communities outside the former USSR.

East Brooklyn is pretty off the average tourist’s radar and it’s a pretty good thing as some neighborhoods in this section of Brooklyn are pretty rough.

This has just been a quick look at the districts of Brooklyn, in order to better explore the place you should definitely employ our Brooklyn car hire services.

Brooklyn Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire