Charleston South Carolina Car Hire

Charleston South Carolina Car Hire

On your next trip to Charleston, South Carolina, make sure to consider employing our Charleston car hire services as your main means of transportation through this seaport city. The city of Charleston was spared much of the damage and devastation that other Civil War era cities endured during sieges because it was captures without a lot of property damage which means that its historic part features many buildings that are hundreds of years old.

The city is served by the Charleston Airport, it is located at about twelve miles from the city’s center but you can also reach the city by road and rail, however if you do land here you can employ our Charleston car rental services to have a car of your choice ready and waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify.

As mentioned earlier, due to it not being damaged very much during the Civil War, Charleston features many historic attractions, starting with Fort Sumter. The Fort is a National monument, located on an island, you’ll have to take a ferry ride in order to reach the ruins and the museum located there.

The Market is the old shopping district located at the base of Market Street, it’s interesting to note that vendors still sell their wares here but contrary to popular legend this was never a slave exchange, however the remnants of the old slave market can be found a few blocks away.

The Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum can be found right off the Ravenel bridge and features an impressive display of warfare in general such as the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, the USS Clagamore submarine and a couple more interesting ships as well as a reconstruction of a Vietnam era camp.

The Citadel is a historic military college founded in 1842 which features full dress parades every Friday afternoon while school is in session. The campus is normally open to visitors who can witness the parades for free.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see and do while in Charleston, so make sure to employ our Charleston car hire services when you’re looking to explore the city and its surroundings.

Charleston South Carolina Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire