Dover Car Hire

Dover Car Hire

Probably the best way of getting around the capital of Delaware is by car, and that’s where our Dover car hire services come into play. Despite the fact that Dover is the state’s capital it is only the state’s second largest city, however the city was pretty much designed to be an administrative and government center from the start so that explains its current size and role.

The city has no nearby commercial airport serving it however it is very accessible by road, whether it’s by bust or by personal car. The nearby Dover Air Force Base on the other hand does deal with a lot of military related air traffic.

As opposed to many other state capitals you may be astonished to see how relatively slow paced the place is, Dover is almost never extremely busy and as such the option of Dover car rental becomes that much more of a real choice when it comes to getting around the place.

Considering the characteristic of the city you will most probably either be going there to do some business within the state government or you’ll maybe be visiting some friends or family, however there are a few things that you can see and do to occupy some of your time if you have any to spare.

Visiting the Air Mobility Command Museum would be one of those things. You can find the museum on the Dover Air Force base and it is one of the few museums dedicated to airlifting and air fueling so if you’re interested in all aspects of manned flight then this is definitely an interesting visit.

Then there’s the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village which is a great place to take children and introduce them to how and where food is grown.

While the city doesn’t actually have beaches, they are not far away, so if you’re in the mood and the weather permits it take your rental car and head over to Bethany, Rehoboth or Bowers beaches.

Getting in and around Dover is made so much easier when you employ our Dover car hire services so make sure to do so on your next trip there.

Dover Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire