Frankfort Car Hire

Frankfort Car Hire

On your next trip to Frankfort make sure to employ our Frankfort car hire services as your main means of transportation through and around the city. Despite its small size, Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky and it resides at about fifty miles from the state’s largest city of Louisville. An interesting feature of the city is that it is basically hidden in the deep valley of the Kentucky River and those traveling on Interstate 64 won’t see it.

Considering the small size of the city it shouldn’t be much of a  surprise the fact that it is not served by an airport but there are three airports in the nearby cities which can be used to more easily reach Frankfort. The city is not reachable by train either so getting there by car is your best choice, and employing our Frankfort car rental services while there is your best choice for getting around the place.

Despite its small size the city does offer you a solid couple of attractions and sights, for instance Greenhill Cemetery is only one of four monuments country-wide dedicated to the African American Civil War Soldiers, this one honoring Kentucky’s African American Civil War Soldiers.

The city has a few historic homes to its name, such as the Berry Hill Mansion. This is a Georgian Revival mansion that is situated on a bluff which overlooks the State Capitol. Its music room is built in the Gothic Revival style and features a massive cathedral organ.

The Liberty Hall Historic Site is made up of Liberty Hall which is a Federalist style mansion and the grounds which contain the largest formal boxwood garden in the state and about three acres of borders. The mansion is decorated with local antiques owned by four generations of Browns that lived in the house.

There are quite a few government buildings that are worth a visit the Old State Capitol being of particular interest to architecture enthusiasts as it features a unique, self-supporting staircase held together by pressure and precision.

These are just a few of the many things that you can see and do while in this rather small city so make sure to consider employing our Frankfort car hire services in order to better explore it.

Frankfort Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire