When you’re planning a trip to the capital of Mississippi make sure to also consider employing our Jackson car hire services as your main means of transportation through the city. Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi and is one of the most affordable metro areas to live in the United States.

The city is served by the Jackson Airport and it can also be easily reached by train and road, getting from the airport into the city is then best done by employing our Jackson car rental services and have a car of your choice ready and waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify.

The city has quite a few attractions and sights to offer those who have the time and the inclination to look into them, for instance the City Hall is a Greek Revival building built between 1846 and 1847. It has been the City Hall ever since with a couple of exceptions, during the Civil War it was used as a hospital and it is also one of the few buildings that survived the war.

A similar building is the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, built a couple of years before the City Hall in 1841, it also features the Greek Revival style and has served as the official home of the state’s first family since January of 1842. the mansion was wonderfully restored in the ;70s according to its original plan and museum-quality antiques were used to furnish it making the building a living and breathing piece of history.

The Mississippi State Capitol was modeled after the nation’s capitol in Washington, D.C. And it features the Beaux Arts Classical style of architecture. It was built in 1904 but it is still used as the seat of the local government.

The Manship House Museum is one of the few example of Gothic Revival architecture in the state. This antebellum house has been restored to its former glory and offers an interesting look into the life of a 19th century middle class family.

These are of course only a few of the many attractions and sights that you can enjoy while in Jackson so make sure to employ our Jackson car hire services in order to better explore the city and its treasures.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire