Jersey City Car Hire

Jersey City Car Hire

When you’re considering a trip to Jersey City, don’t forget to include our Jersey City car hire services in your budget plan. Jersey City is actually the state’s second-larges city and is located across the Hudson from New York City.

Jersey City is within a ten minute ride from the Newark Liberty Airport but you could of course also land in any of New York’s airports. Even so, you will reach the city either by car or by train, but once there you can employ our Jersey City car rental services so that you can have a car at your disposal during your stay there.

Even though Jersey City isn’t exactly a tourist destination it does have a few interesting sights and attractions to offer its visitors.

For instance the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse. The building was erected between 1906 and 1908 and is built in a Romanesque revival style. This powerhouse allowed the operation of the first trans-Hudson subway. It stopped operating in 1929 and has been neglected since then, till 2001 when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places; plans for renovating it have been under way.

The Jersey City City Hall is another old building, built in 1896, out of granite and marble, the building features a bronze memorial monument at its entrance representing the Goddess of Victory in a seated pose, with a hand resting in readiness upon her sword but offering an olive branch with the other.

If you’re looking for a place to have a nice walk and get some air then you can head for the Liberty State Park, this park is actually as large as Central Park in New York but it is considerably less developed. Despite this, it is a very popular attraction thanks to its waterfront and wonderful views of Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

These are of course only a few of the things that you can see and do while in Jersey City and in order to enjoy the place to its maximum make sure to consider employing our Jersey City car hire services while on your trip there.

Jersey City Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire