New York Car Hire

New York Car Hire

If you plan to visit New York make sure to consider employing our New York car hire services as your main means of transportation through this true megalopolis of the world. The city itself is made up of five Boroughs which by themselves can be considered large cities which you can then further divide into various districts.

Whether you refer to is as New York, NYC or “The Big Apple”, this is the most populous city in the entire united states and one of the most populous on the entire planet. The city is so large that it is served by three large airports and several smaller ones, you can have our New York car rental services prepare a car of your choice at any of the airports at an hour that you specify. You can obviously also get into the city via rail, road as well as water.

As mentioned earlier the city is made up of five Boroughs, each of them being large enough to be a city in their own right and each of them featuring a unique culture.

Manhattan is the world-famous island located between the Hudson and East Rivers and features many diverse and unique neighborhoods; this is also where you can see the Empire State Building, Central park, Times Square, Wall Street as well as the trendy neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and SoHo.

Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs, it is known for its music venues, artists, Coney Island and beaches.

Queens is home to New York’s two international airports as well as the city’s second-largest Chinatown, this Borough is the most ethnically diverse region of the United States with over a hundred and seventy languages being spoken.

The Bronx is home to the Yankees professional baseball team, the Botanical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo.

Staten Island is also an island, located south of Manhattan but as opposed to the rest of the Boroughs this one has a clear suburban character to it.

This is just a very basic overview of what New York has to offer, make sure to employ our New York car hire services as your main means of transportation through the city as you will surely need it.

New York Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire