Richmond Airport Car Hire

Richmond Airport Car Hire

On your next trip to Richmond make sure to consider employing our Richmond car hire services as your main means of transportation. Richmond is the capital of Virginia and one of its main characteristics is its very distinct looking and flavorful neighborhoods, it’s as if the city is made out of several different cities grouped together.

The city can be reached by road, rail and air, being served mainly by the Richmond Airport as well as a few other nearby airports. Regardless of the method that you choose to reach the city, once there you should consider employing our Richmond car rental services for the flexibility that having a car at your disposal will offer.

Once in the city there are quite a few interesting places to see, starting with the Belle Isle and the Historic Downtown.

The Belle Isle is located in the middle of James River. This island features some great hiking and biking trails and it also offers several great panoramas of the falls and the river.

The Historic Downtown is an area of the city which features cobblestoned streets and just a lot of history, for instance you can see one of Edgar Allan Poe’s many houses.

The Maymont Park is one of the most beautiful urban parks in the nation; the estate was donated by a wealthy landowner and nowadays it features fountains, a Japanese tea garden and Italianate gardens. The park has a nature center where you can see otters, gray foxes, hawks and there is also a farma rea where kids can see the lambs, chickens and sheep.

Monument Avenue is the great and important street in the city, it is a large avenue which stretches from the center of the city and feature statues of several Confederate heroes.

While you may not think it, Richmond is a hotspot for live music, having created a lot of internationally known music artists.

These are just a few of the things that one can see and do while in the city so make sure to employ our Richmond car hire services in order to better explore this city and its details.

Richmond Airport Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire