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A review of the Detroit Autorama 2015

For years, it has been customary for spring in Detroit, Michigan to begin with a display of enthusiasm, optimism and… wheels. This year has not been an exception, so here we have it: a review of the Detroit Autorama 2015 will remind us of what happened at Cobo Hall just days ago.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, the Autorama is an annual event described as the greatest custom show car series display in America. As is to be expected, the show entails a lot of optimism and American dynamism. One comes here to see the show cars, assess the offers for the models that are on sale and check the general trends that are going on.

This year, a model that drew a lot of attention was the Chevrolet 1955, with its metallic orange paint and sleek design. Although the general trend leans towards American cars, there were a couple of Alfa Romeo models catching the eyes of the public. And have you ever heard of Edsel Duo? It’s a semi-convertible car from the year ‘59.

Among the activities featured in the Detroit Autorama Show, one was invited to check out the Autorama Extreme models, visually dramatic models. People were also invited to take a picture with the cars from the Fast and Furious movies, like the 1995 models Eclipse and Jetta-Bullet, the 1970 Chevelle and Charger or the 2008 Challenger which featured in the 6th instalment of the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Celebrities such as Richard Rawling and Emma Ross were invited and on Saturday, the “Miss Autorama” contest was also organized. Lots of people, entertainment and great cars are in store for next year’s edition of Autorama, so what’s next?

We suggest you plan your trip to Detroit, book tickets and build a schedule and rent a car in Detroit to drive comfortably to the show.

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