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GP2 2015, getting one step closer to F1

Racing competitions are popular both among people who watch them from the safe confines of their couch, on TV, and for those who need an adrenaline rush to make their life better. But before one gets to compete for the famous Formula One, there is a stop to make: GP2 2015, getting one step closer to F1.

The GP2 Series, for philistines, is an open wheel car racing form, a feeder class for the more famous Formula One. Introduced in 2005, GP2 aims at making motor racing more affordable for various teams and the industry is ever in search of “new blood”. To bridge the gaps between teams and focus precisely on the talent of the contenders, GP2 has imposed a regulation that states that all teams use the same engine, chassis and tyre supplier.

GP2 indeed proves that it is an effective “springboard” to gaining access in the Formula One Series. For instance, it has recently been informed that British race driver and GP 2014 champion Jolyon Palmer has signed a contract with the F1 Lotus team, so he is expected to become their reserve driver for the following seasons. His first taste of the speed and glory of the Formula One is the Mercedes-powered E23.

Jolyon Palmer is not the first driver to have used GP2 as a stepping stone into the larger than life F1. Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Timo Glock have all competed in the GP2 Series before launching their Formula One career.

The 2015 GP 2 is scheduled to start with a pre-session of testing in Yas Marina, UAE between March 9 and 11, and in Sakhir, Bahrain between April 1 and 3.

Back to reality, maybe race driving is not for everyone. But car rental driving is accessible for anyone interested in finding themselves behind the wheel of a great car.

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