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News on Mercedes E Class 2016

The German manufacturer Mercedes never seizes to amaze the world with more and more competitive premium vehicles and this time is no different. Here is the latest news on Mercedes E Class 2016.

The seventh generation Mercedes E Class is due to be launched in the spring of 2016 and as everybody is waiting impatiently for the great day, after the spectacular January 2015 Detroit Motor Show debut, let’s look into some of the specifications of the new version of the famous executive saloon.

Following the lead of some of its competitors, Mercedes takes steady steps towards autonomous driving. The new E Class will adopt some of the specifications of the S Class in terms of assistance systems and intelligent gadgets. The car will be fitted with sensors, radars and cameras that will make the driving experience safer and simpler.

The car tells the driver to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front. Also in terms of preventing accidents, the Active Brake Assist and the Evasive Steering Assist features work hand in hand to prevent collisions and detect traffic jams and dangers. The Car-to-X Communication is another system that ensures communication between vehicles that can send signals regarding potential problems on the road.

Parking is also a piece of cake with the new generation Mercedes E Class. With the Remote Parking Pilot feature, the driver will be able to use smartphone apps to adjust the settings for parking, locking the car and more.

As for design, the new Mercedes will look much like the previous models, only slightly larger, allowing additional room for passengers.

Owning a Mercedes remains something of a dream for most people. But for those who have been behind the wheel of one, this experience is something they will want to repeat. There is the option of executive class car rental as well.

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