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Paul Walker’s last film Furious 7 is the best hit in the Franchise

On November 30th 2013, the whole world watched in shock as footage of the horrible accident that took the life of beloved Fast and Furious Series star actor. Ironically, after having become famous for his role in the car movies franchise, Paul Walker died in a car crash.

One year and a half later, perhaps as was to be expected, Paul Walker’s last film Furious 7 is the best hit in the Franchise. The last film of the Hollywood actor Paul Walker has broken all the box-office records and topped all charts, gaining almost 144 million dollars only in the first weekend.

This is a major hit, even by Hollywood standards, and is definitely the greatest achievement of the “Fast and Furious” Franchise. Death at a young age rendered Paul Walker the Hollywood immortality so rare and so James Dean-esque.

From an artistic point of view, Furious 7 does not abdicate from the general trend of sensational car movie, with far-fetched fights, computer-generated explosions and totally improbable chasing scenes. But in the end, there is a sense of satisfaction to see the bad guys get caught and some awesomely hot wheels on screen.

Surely, the larger-than-life figure of Walker is virtually impossible to eclipse. Notwithstanding, for car fans, there are a few auto stars also worth the attention. One of the cars to reappear in this movie is the 1970 beloved Dom supercharged Charger, as well as Challenger (the car driven by Lettie) and Walker’s own trademark Subaru Impreza STi hatchback.

Colleagues and fans can pay the ultimate tribute to their beloved Paul Walker by coming to see this 137 minutes motion picture that will not disappoint the auto enthusiasts. Special effects, spectacular pursues and fights and the hottest wheels are in store for this last installment of Fast and Furious.

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