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UK YouGov’s Profiler tool tells what your car says about you

Stereotypes are much scorned nowadays, and not for no reason: they are considered prejudices and therefore the main reason for discrimination and a hindrance in communication. But when we do need to use categories, we as humans will always resort to generalizations. This is what the British though, since UK YouGov’s Profiler tool tells what your car says about you.

After questioning thousands of people, the creators of this interesting survey came up with some funny conclusions. Here are some examples:

Volkswagen is one of the bestseller cars in the UK and according to the app, those who are most likely to be found behind the wheel of a VW are 40-59 year old men working in the business sector and mainly living in the region Wales. It would appear their favorite sport is rugby and they love hiking.

At the other end, we have Skoda drivers who are likely to be dog owners with… certain hygiene problems – well, at least when we talk of untidy cars. They are also males, but above 60, working in the military field and living predominantly in Northern Scotland.

But how about the ladies? Women are most likely to have a small car, like a MINI, which they will keep tidy and clean and sometimes trendy and brightly painted. London women aged between 25 and 39 working in marketing and playing tennis on weekends are most likely to be spotted driving these little cars.

As for luxury cars, Audi is the popular choice for young businessmen from London. Though they are found more often flying with British Airways than driving and practicing sport, they apparently like cycling and exercising.
This discussion got us wondering: do hired cars reflect on the personalities of people as well, or do they simply require accessibility and a low price? This may also be an interesting subject for a future article.

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