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Volkswagen preparing three new generations for existing models

Volkswagen is preparing to launch all-new generation of three existing models within the next three years, while at the same time debuting three SUV models in less than five calendar years.

Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg – a member of the board of Volkswagen’s brand technical development team – has confirmed the product timeline at the Detroit show which includes Volkswagen Passat, Tiguan and Polo models, with the all-new Passat being the first to launch for European and Australian buyer.

The Detroit show features an R-style Performance concept version of the American wide-body Passat, with a 184kW, 1.8-litre version of the German automaker’s all new EA888 turbocharged direct injected engine.

A production version of the Passat Performance concept is yet to be confirmed, however Dr. Hackenberg did confirm that a new ‘slim body’ Passat for European and Australian buyers will include a performance flagship variant.

Moving onto the Tiguan successor, Dr. Hackenberg mentioned that it might come to be in 2015 and will be based on the modular tranverse matrix platform – or MQB, which will underpin pretty much everything from the Polo to the Passat in their upcoming generations.

However the Tiguan compact SUV is going to have to compete for production time with the Cross Coupe concept which is likely due the year after it, and then the CrossBlue mid-sized SUV which was shown in Detroit – which will most likely be a late 2014 model for the US.

He also admitted that the sub-compact SUV segment is gaining in popularity in many markets and that Volkswage must provide a contender or be left out of the loop, mentioning that while Volkswagen isn’t usually the first in a particular market, when they come they come with good performance.

2016 is scheduled to be the year of the Polo replacement.

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