Florence is the city that pulled Europe from the Dark Ages and it is definitely worth visiting with the help of our Florence car hire services.

Oftentimes described as a jewel of culture, art and architecture, Florence can only be truly experienced by being there and seeing as much of it as possible. If you fly in you will be landing at Florence Airport  which is formally known as Americo Vespucii Airport however the locals call it Peretola Airport, regardless of what you call it, if you fly into the place you will probably be touching down there.

The airport connects to the city via bus routes and there are also taxis there available, however a much better choice would be to employ out Florence car rental services and have the car waiting for you at the airport, that way you can start your trip the moment you land in the country and you can head to your destination.

On the other hand Florence is very well connected to other main Italian cities, so one could hire a car from our Florence office and drive to different places, or the other way around, hire a car in Rome for instance and then drive it to Florence and drop it off there, it is completely possible as well as very convenient if you plan to road trip through the country.

There is an incredibly large number of things to see in Florence, whether it’s museums, galleries, palaces or other interesting sights like the Boboli Gardens for instance. As far as the museums and galleries go, the Uffizi is by far the most well known, but it is also the most busy, however in Florence there is always choice when it comes to museums. You can visit the Bargello for some great works of sculpture or the Institute and Museum of the History of Science if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

All of these barely scratch the surface of what Florence has to offer, the place is truly an unique experience, an experience which can be made that much better with the help of our Florence car hire services because having a car at your disposal will prove invaluable especially if you wish to visit some of the surrounding sights as well.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire